2019 Reel coming soon. Below is a collection of professional projects I worked on. Click here for an old reel.


Lennox Dragon

A commercial for Lennox done at Elastic directed by Andy Hall. Responsible for animating the dragon on all shots excluding the two opening shots. A render of our animation was projected onto the surface of a house, and then re-captured in camera. It was very interesting animating within these physical limitations. These were some of my favorite shots that I worked on:

Coloring Without Borders “Origin Story”

Jennifer Sofio Hall thought up this wonderful and important book project: a coloring book without borders. All proceeds go to benefit Families Belong Together in their effort to permanently end family separation and detention. I was tasked with visualizing the animated section of the “Origin Story” promotional video while working at Elastic. I was responsible for the following 2D animation shots:

In addition, I contributed artwork to the book, seen below:


Riot Games “The Harrowing”

A promotional animation produced at Elastic for an in-game event called “The Harrowing” for League of Legends, by Riot Games. Directed by Andy Hall. I was responsible for character animation from when the hero puppet first crashes into the beach, to when his lover wakes up. Here are some of my favorite shots I worked on:

MTV Video Music Awards

I created some really bizarre 2D animations for the MTV VMA’s. Directed by Patrick Claire at Elastic. Responsible for all 2D hand drawn animation.

“Love” Main Title

Responsible for concept and execution of 2D animation. A main title animation created at Elastic with director Ahmet Ahmet. All we were given from the client was the logo: the word “Love” with an arrow through a heart. It was fun developing ideas on how to make it move. In the end, the show’s creators went with an idea I worked out with Ahmet, to create icons that form the shape of each letter and also represent different stages in a romantic relationship.

“Christopher Robin” Main Title

Main title for “Christopher Robin.” Responsible for character animation for the shots shown on the right. Created at Elastic, creative supervision by Nadia Tzuo, Andy Hall and Lisa Bolan.

Toyota - Tales of the Uncertified

Produced at Brand New School. I was responsible for After Effects character rigging and 2D animation on all the moving elements. I did the same kind of animation on another spot with a beanstalk and a giant, which you can see if you click here.

Pacific Rim + JD promotional short

Work done for Elastic, directed by Andy Hall. Elastic combined renders from the film and original animation/VFX to create this short. Responsible for 3D character animation the robot dog in the following shots: